Teaching team

Thanks to its rich teaching team, the Biarritz International Dance Academy is able to offer a wide range of currents: the French school with the Opéra national de Paris, the Russian school with the Bolshoi, the Kirov and the Vaganova Academy, the Cuban school, as well as other artistic influences that enrich the experience of budding dancers.

The Academy celebrates the diversity of dance, recognising that each school brings its own unique strengths to the art of choreography. Students have the unique opportunity to explore different styles, techniques and philosophies, helping to forge versatile and well-rounded dancers.


Carole Arbo, équipe pédagogique - Académie Internationale de Danse de Biarritz

Paris National Opera

Palucca University of Dance Dresden – Allemagne

Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris

Cuban National Ballet

Marseille National Dance School

Paris Conservatoires

Director of the Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila

National Opera of Bordeaux

Workshops 2024

The academy strives to maintain a dynamic diversity of workshops, offering dancers the chance to explore different styles and approaches.

Thierry Malandain workshop

Jiri Kylian workshop

Ballett X Schwerin-Germany

Pianists 2024

The Academy's pianists bring a special sensitivity to each session, adapting their playing to the unique dynamics of each class. Their deep understanding of dance and their ability to interpret the dancers' needs intuitively make them essential collaborators, helping to create a symbiosis between music and movement.

We won't forget Sylvain Duranda pianist who has accompanied the Académie for over 30 years.

The entire teaching team at the Biarritz International Dance Academy will be delighted to welcome you, share their passion for the art of choreography and pass it on to you.