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  Public presentation of the trainees

A public demonstration by the trainees will take place on Tuesday 6 August 2024 at 8.45pm at the Gare du Midi theatre in Biarritz.

Free admission by reservation on malandainballet.com

Malandain Ballet Biarritz performances.

In addition, as part of the Academy, Malandain Ballet Biarritz offers performances every year. This year, the Ballet will present The Seasons to music by Vivaldi and Guido les :

Wednesday 7, Thursday 8 and also Friday 9 August
At 9:00 PM at the Gare du Midi Theater in Biarritz.

Note of intent

Based on an idea by Laurent Brunner, Director of Château de Versailles Spectacles, and Stefan Plewniak, Violinist and Firstst Conductor of the Royal Opera of Versailles, this ballet intertwines Antonio Vivaldi’s famous Le Quattro Stagioni dell’anno (The Four Seasons of the Year), with several pages of Le Quattro Stagioni dell’anno (The Four Seasons of the Year), a little-known work by Giovanni Antonio Guido, contemporary and compatriot of the «red priest». As for its accomplishment, beginning with arithmetic, under the influence of the number four, closely linked to creation, balance, and harmony, we can first say that Guido’s the Seasons awake memories of «belle danse» (baroque dance), which emerged in the seventeenth century from the ideal of governing one’s body and mind, and moving with grace, accuracy and lightness. The number four is also associated with the Earth and the wheel of life, which does not always turn round smoothly, if not completely askew, given the ugliness, stupidity, and inhumanity that proliferate. With Vivaldi’s the Seasons we are moved by a more natural, more human form of dance. Finally, we spice things up with some poetic fantasy, and with these two words, you’ve got the basics. Against a backdrop of black petals spread across the horizon, winged beings mourn the loss of spirit and clarity. Why? Because the Seasons is only a ballet and there is nothing more serious than unbelievable things.»

"Thierry Malandain (As part of Estivales.)"

Et aussi autour du stage - Les Saisons - ballet de Thierry Malandain
Et aussi Les Saisons - ballet de Thierry Malandain

Prices and bookings

Trainees and their families can also take advantage of preferential rates and a free shuttle bus service (booking required).

Trainees: €12
Trainees over 26: €20
Accompanying adults: €29 (instead of €37)

Reservations at the course location from Saturday August 3.
Tel. +33 (0)5 59 24 67 19


Festival Le Temps d'Aimer la Danse

Finally, the festival le Temps d'Aimer la Danse will take place from 6 to 15 September 2024.
You can purchase tickets on-site at the venue. letempsdaimer.com