A minimum of four years ballet training is required.

Courses will start on Sunday, 2nd August and will end in the late afternoon on Friday, 7th August.

2020 Prices

All  Professionals schools and Eurocité (1) Professionals (2)
6 classes card 190 € 165 € 150 €
12 classes card 335 € 275 € 230 €
18 classes card 400 € 335 € 260 €
 Unlimited card 450 € 360 € 280 €

Spectator : 30€ for the week

NO DISCOUNT WILL BE GRANTED WITHOUT A SUPPORTING DOCUMENT, please enclose the document with your registration.


(1) Only for students coming from the Paris Opera Ballet School, the Conservatoires Nationaux Supérieurs of Paris and Lyon, the Ecole Supérieure de Marseille and prestigious international ballet schools.
Eurocité : BAB and Donostia ballet schools

(2) Only for professional dancers, upon presentation of a copy of a current contract with a Dance Company. Fees do not apply to dance teachers.



Nous sommes désolés d’avoir à vous annoncer que nous avons pris la décision d’annuler le stage de l’Académie Internationale de Danse de Biarritz, prévue du 2 au 7 août 2020 en raison des incertitudes sanitaires encore en vigueur .

L’organiser avec les protocoles recommandés reste trop contraignant pour l’équipe de bénévoles que nous sommes. Cela exigerait de modifier tous les cours en imposant des groupes en effectifs réduits et nous n’avons pas les locaux nécessaires à cette mise en place. Les protocoles changeant tous les 15 jours ne donnent aucune visibilité sur ce que nous pouvons organiser comme groupes et effectifs.

En ce qui concerne les remboursements :

Les inscriptions après le 2 mars
la totalité des chèques non encaissés vous seront retournés par courrier postal courant juin.

Les inscriptions avant le 2 mars
nous vous enverrons un chèque de 50 euros ( frais de réservation) de remboursement avec votre chèque du solde . Cet envoi se fera un peu plus tard.

Pour les virements, cela prendra un peu plus de temps et il est possible que nous vous contactions individuellement pour ce remboursement .
Les élèves ayant gagné le stage 2020 pourront reporter leur prix en 2021 bien sûr.

En espérant vous retrouver en 2021 (les dates 2021 seront communiquées très vite),

Bien cordialement,

Hélène Gillet directrice artistique
Carole Philipp directrice logistique
Anne Londaitz responsable inscriptions



Terms and Conditions

1. The Academy comprises a set of values that can be summarised in a few words: high quality
standard, willingness to learn and to progress, respect, tolerance and open dialogue.

2. To respect these values, the participants shall follow simple rules.

3. Each participant receives a statement that explains these rules and regulations with one’s registration form. The registration to the course implies its acceptance and can only be completed after the signature of the course contract, image right release agreement and proof of medical clearance.

4. The Academy is placed under the artistic direction of Madame Hélène Gillet and the liability of Ballet Biarritz — the course organisers. The course is designed for professionals, amateurs (with at least two years of Ballet practice) and future professionals.

5. The course organisers shall guarantee that legal obligations are met to ensure high standards of teaching on behalf of the teachers and the contributors as well as to provide appropriate premises.

6. The registration is complete when the deposit is paid. The deposit is non-refundable. Access to the classrooms will only be granted once the payment has been cleared and the participants have been given an ID card which shall be carried at all times. Once started, the course shall be fully paid.

7. A validated registration gives entitlement to a preferential rate for the Malandain Ballet Biarritz performances given during the period of the Academy course.

8. Senior course takers can take part in the presentation evening performance at the Gare du Midi. Studio and dress rehearsals are compulsory.

9. To respect everyone’s work during the lessons:

– Access to the studios is strictly limited to the students, the teachers and a controlled amount of
spectators carrying an access card. Spectators are to observe silence.
– The use of cameras and recording equipment is strictly forbidden, except for photographers authorised by the course organisers.
– Mobile phones and tablets must be switched off when entering the studio and throughout the duration of the lesson.
– It is forbidden to chew gum inside the premises.
– It is forbidden to wear jewellery during the lessons.

10. The course organisers are not responsible for the supervision of minor participants outside of the teaching hours.

11. The course organisers are not liable for theft.

12. The course organisers are not liable for any physical injury or property damage caused or sustained by any participant or accompanying adult during the lessons, meetings, activities, occasional field trips organised by the Academy or within the accommodation.

13. The course organisers reserve the right to make changes to the course – schedules, places,  contributors – without entitlement to any refund. In case of cancellation on the part of the organisers, the sums paid shall be fully reimbursed.

14. A restricted amount of participants will be allowed in each studio, so as to ensure that lessons are conducted properly. Depending on the amount of participants for each class, the course
organisers may orientate students to other classes of the same level in order to maintain high standards of teaching.

15. The organisers reserve the right to change a student to a more suitable level.

16. The participants agree to respect the safety instructions and their underlying policies.

17. The course organisers reserve the right to use, free of charge and without consideration, the image of the participants on any medium whatsoever for communication and marketing purposes in the interest of the Academy.

18. Smoking is strictly forbidden within the Academy premises, in the rooms and in the park. Pets are forbidden within the premises and silence is to be observed after 10 pm.

19. Any violation of these rules or disregard to elementary rules of politeness as well as any behaviour deemed unacceptable inside or around the premises could result in temporary or complete exclusion. No refund shall be made in case of exclusion of the participant from the course.

20. Each registered person assures to be medically authorized to the dance’s practice and have taken out a third party insurance.