Prestigious participants

In 2018, academy celebrated its 30 years old. For 30 years, 350 to 400 course participants from around the world, professional dancers from Russia and Japan, pre-professional dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet or La Scala Ballet schools and dance enthusiasts have been gathering in Biarritz during one of the first weeks of August to share a unique experience.

A multitude of teachers among the most renowned of the world provide them with high-quality training in classical dance, addressing the main dance teaching methods: the French school with the Paris Opera Ballet, the Russian school with the Bolshoi, the Kirov and the Vaganova Academy, the Cuban school…

The diversity of teachers is the brand image of the Academy course to which almost all these masters devote their talents.

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30 étés de danse à Biarritz

30 ans de danse à Biarritz

Académie Internationale de Danse de Biarritz, 1988 > 2018
30 summers of dance in BIARRITZ

Thanks to the city of Biarritz 

Thanks to the teachers :

Daniel AGESILAS , Jean ALAVI, Monique ARABIAN, Urtzi ARANBURU, Carole ARBO, Colette ARMAND, Cyril ATANASSOFF, Wayne BARBASTE, Bertrand BELEM, Rudy BRYANS, Eric CAMILLO, Bruno CAUHAPE, Nicole CAVALLIN, Lienz CHANG, Giuseppe CHIAVARO, Isabelle CIARAVOLA , Isabelle CIVIDINO, Sylvie CLAVIER, Bruno COLLINET, Dominique CORDEMANS, Marie-Claude DUBUS, Shirley  ESSEBOOM, Ghislaine FRANCHETTI, Anne FRESNOIS, Jacqueline FYNNAERT, Fanny GAIDA, Hélène  GILLET, Marie-Agnès GILLOT, Juan GIULIANO, Andrej GLEGOLSKY, Jennifer GOUBE, Raza HAMMADI, Isabelle HERNANDEZ, Gil ISOART, Dominique KHALFOUNI, Andrey KLEMM, Margarita KULLIK, Atilio LABIS, Sarah LAMB, Corinne LANSELLE, Béatrice LEGENDRE, Chantal LEFEVRE, Eva LOPEZ, Angelito LOZANO, Thierry MALANDAIN, Rick ODUMS, Claire-Marie OSTA, Carole PASTOREL, Carole PHILIPP, Azari PLISSETSKI, Anne-Marie PORRAS, Jacqueline RAYET, Serge RICCI, Anna SANCHEZ, Sophie SARROTE, Véronique SCHENKER FARINA, Bruce TAYLOR, Patrice VALERO, Nathalie VERSPECHT, Noëlle WINKELMANN, Gérard WILK, Ander ZABALA.

To the musicians :

Armand AMAR, Jean-Claude BARBIER, Marcel BELLUS, Denise BELLON, Laurent CHOUKROUN, Sylvain DURAND, Pietro GALLI, Fabrice GUIGNARD, François QUEYREUR, Michèle MEROU, Jean-Luc PACAUD, Alberto RIBERA SAGARDIA, Pascal SEVAJOLS. 

And to ones of ours prestigious course participants during this three decades :

Amandine ALBISSON (Danseuse Etoile), François ALU (Premier Danseur), Victoire ANQUETIL (Quadrille), Nathalie AUBIN (Sujet), Marion BARBEAU (Sujet), Jeremy BELINGARD (Danseur Etoile), Adrien BODET (Coryphée), Camille BON (Coryphée), Tess BUCK (Poznan Ballet) Alice CATONNET (Sujet), Simon CATONNET (Ballet du Capitole) Yann CHAILLOUX (Sujet), Cyril CHOKROUN (Quadrille), Ambre CHIARCOSO (Quadrille), Isabelle CIAVAROLA (Danseuse étoile), Antonio CONFORTI (Quadrille), Mathieu CONTAT (Coryphée), Emilie COZETTE (Danseuse étoile), Julien COZETTE (Coryphée), Sarah-Kora DAYANOVA (Sujet), Celia DROUY (Quadrille), Aurélie DUPONT (Danseuse étoile et Directrice de l’Opéra national de Paris), Benjamine DUPONT, Lucie FENWICK (Quadrille), Clara FORGUES (Malandain Ballet Biarritz), Georgio FOURES (Quadrille), Mathilde FROUSTEY (Etoile à San Francisco), Miho FUJII (Quadrille), Marine GANIO (Sujet), Mathieu GANIO (Danseur étoile), Michaël GARCIA (Malandain Ballet Biarritz), Dorothée GILBERT (Danseuse étoile), Sylvain GILLET, Marie-Agnès GILLOT (Danseuse étoile), Alexandre HAMMOUDI (Soliste American Ballet), Mathias HEYMANN (Danseur étoile), Aurélien HOUETTE (Sujet), Axel IBOT (Sujet), Hugo LAYER (Malandain Ballet Biarritz), Pablo LEGASA (Premier danseur), Manuel LEGRIS (Danseur étoile), Guillaume LILLO (Malandain Ballet Biarritz), Fábio LOPEZ (Chorégraphe Cie Illicite), Germain LOUVET (Danseur étoile), Allister MADIN (Sujet), Sabrina MALLEM (Sujet), Hugo MARCHAND (Danseur étoile), Paul MARQUE (Sujet), Florent MELAC (Coryphée), Antonin MONIE (Quadrille), Samuel MUREZ (Quadrille), Aubane PHILBERT (Coryphée), Elisabeth PLATEL (Danseuse étoile et directrice de l’Ecole de l’Opéra national de Paris), Elena PRIS ( Staasballett Berlin), Lore PRYSZO (soliste Opéra de Lyon) Fabien REVILLION (Sujet), Jeremy LOUP QUER (Sujet), Eric QUILLERÉ (directeur Ballet de l’Opéra national de Bordeaux), Silvia SAINT-MARTIN (Sujet), Beryl de SAINT-SAUVEUR, Emmanuel THIBAULT (Premier danseur), Carl VANGODSENHOVEN (Leipziger Ballett), Lydie VAREILHES (Sujet), Xenia WIEST (Staasballett Berlin), Simon YOSHIDA …

Programme 2020

The Academy is also known for its various programmes adapted to all dancers, from the elementary level to the professional level: classical classes, floor barres, workshops… Beginners will learn the basic techniques of classical dance while the more advanced will have the opportunity to work on variations in a very personal way or to improve themselves with adagio practice.

The Academy course has also the peculiarity to provide participants with workshops allowing them to work on excerpts of ballets. This year, the participants could work with Dominique Cordemans, awarness manager / transmission of the Repertoire with pre-professionnals and Giuseppe Chiavaro, a former dancer of his company of the neoclassical choreographer Thierry Malandain, who runs the CCN – Malandain Ballet Biarritz .

This year there will be 2 levels for the Malandain workshops: superior and junior

There will be 4 superior workshops :

  • Choreography by Nacho Duato
  • Choreography by  Thierry Malandain
  • Choreography by Jiri Kylian and Johan Inger

Both amateurs and professionals will receive advice, attention and consideration. The Academy comprises a set of values that combines high quality standards and willingness to learn and progress with caring for others, respect of differences and open dialogue.

Lessons are held from 8:45 am to 8:00 pm in dance studios equipped with parquet flooring and vinyl dance floors.



The ages are provided simply as a guide, as the levels will also depend on which school the student attended and each student’s weekly pace

Elementary: 10/12 years old
Intermediate: 12/14 years old Upper-Intermediate: 12/14 years old
Advanced: from 14 years old Senior
Repertoire: Senior level
Adagio: Senior level
Boys classes: Advanced Senior from 13 years old
Pointe classes : Average / advanced


Elementary: 10/12 years old
Intermediate: from 12 years old Senior


Malandain workshop (senior)

Superior level
Junior level for students over the age of 13 who have a good classical level

Inger workshop (senior)
Kylian workshop (senior)
Malandain workshop (senior)
Duato workshop (senior)